How To Get And Stay Motivated To Lose That Weight With Top Expert Fitness Advice

By Edward Williams

Can you recall the days when petrol was 60 cents a liter, a bus fare was measured in considerably small change and not $5 notes, and life seemed a little less stressful. Today, living costs are higher: we are spending less time on observing our health because of more pressing immediate necessities. Nevertheless, you do not have to dip into your savings to ensure you remain healthy. So what are the Top expert fitness advice that can save money and still keep your health in tip-top shape?

Despite the vast pool of resources, there is another side to this coin. Today's society is the laziest society that has ever existed. Long gone are the days of plowing the fields by hand and walking to every destination. Gone are even the times of getting up off the sofa to change the channel on the television. In the age of technology and motorized everything, it is too easy to be lazy.

And don't forget about the food. Remember the television channels, magazines, books, etc. Mentioned above? Well, for everyone about health and fitness, there are ten about unhealthy, artery-clogging food! You can't walk through a grocery checkout line without being accosted by images of a chocolate layer cake or grandma's sweet potato casserole.

To get fit and maintain the fitness at an affordable cost, it is essential to consider installing your home gym. Forget about saving your money for gym memberships and gym equipment because you will have everyday items around the house which can adequately take their place. Running on the spot, star jumps, burpees, push-ups and skipping can all be done in your lounge room while watching television! The amount of exercise you can do for free puts into perspective whether gym memberships are worthwhile.

It is worth noting that you are the most important to aspect to getting motivated. Ask yourself these questions: Do you have any sense of self-worth? Do you want to live till your ripe old age, watching your children/grandchildren grow?

The secret to a healthy heart is good diet, exercise and sound sleep. Do not deprive your body of enough sleep. Try to relax by meditating or any other method and keep your stress levels under control. Keep in mind that unless you eat healthy, there is no point in spending hours in the gym. Hence, utilize the various resources available around and increase your knowledge on healthy and nutritious diet.

Having a buddy is similar to having your personal trainer, as long as he/she is just as motivated as you are. Be careful here, as an unmotivated buddy can sabotage your endeavors quicker than you can down a Twinkie! Though it is easier and more fun to get healthy with a buddy, it is also easier and more fun to spiral back down into gluttony with a buddy.

The most important decision you could make in your life is the decision to be healthy. You only get one body. Take care of it. With all of the ads and promos about food out there, it is easy to get off track. And just remember if you do get off track, don't worry. Don't quit because you slipped up. Just get right back up on your feet and put one foot in front of the other.

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