How To Arrange For Colonics CA

By James Peterson

Colonic are also referred to as colonic irrigation. Colonics CA is a procedure that is intended at removing wastes and dangerous toxins from the bowel. Despite being considered as a complementary therapy, there is no any medical evidence to prove that it is effective. However if it is done properly, the procedure has been reported to be having so many benefits. This article explains on how to effectively prepare for a colonic. A patient would want to be hydrated at the time this procedure will be carried out, therefore he is required to take a lot of water. It is advised to take approximately two liters of water and one and a half liters of herbal tea each day.

Food should be chewed exhaustively. This helps in the breaking down of large particles into smaller and finer particles before digestion takes place. When one chews each mouthful properly, there is release of a lot of saliva which contains digestive enzymes which help in digestion. This will deter the accumulation of undigested food into the colon.

To add on the importance of chewing food properly, it is important to note that consumption of animal proteins is not an ideal idea for this process. One should decrease on consuming animal based proteins which are binding food that have high levels of acids. Acidity in the stomach does not go well with colon cleansing.

Exercises are important. Normally, they help to control blood glucose levels. Before performing colonic irrigation, a colonic therapist would advise his patient to do exercises, on the day of performing the process or the day before. This will help in motivating the procedure.

Drinking of vegetable juices that are freshly squeezed is highly recommended. A person looking forward for this procedure should at least have access to a juicer or should be located close to a juice bar. However some juices have been prohibited from consumption, since they produce acid in the body. An example is orange juice.

Green vegetables and salads are healthy and its advised to consume them more often. They are rich in vitamins which are vital and important to making colon cleansing procedures prosperous. Its not advised to consume processed food such as cakes and pasties, or foods that are made with sugar or white flours and non-natural sweeteners. Chocolates and fast foods are prohibited, because they are more likely to get stuck in the bowel.

During the day of the procedure, a patient should arrive a little early. This is because the intestines work best when they are relaxed. Listening to cool music is recommended in case one feels stressed up prior to the procedure. This is one way of ensuring success in the process.

Lastly, patients are to open up with the therapist and not hide anything from them. Its essential to discuss your medical history and lifestyle with the colonic therapist. This is to keep track of previous illness and ensure that a successful formula is achieved.

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